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MPAs, or Megapascals, are the units used to measure the strength and resistance to stress of concrete.

To measure the cubic capacity of anything, you need to measure three of its dimensions, namely: length, breadth, and height. These 3 numbers should then be multiplied by each other to determine the cubic volume of readymix concrete you will need (LENGTH X BREADTH X HEIGHT = M3).

The general/universal formula is LENGTH x WIDTH x DEPTH. You are more that welcome to phone the office for assistance.

Our service provides you with 45 minutes to offload readymix concrete from the truck. After that, we will charge an additional R500.00 (excl VAT) per 30 minutes.

While standard concrete mix can be used for swimming pools, we offer a mix called A POOLMIX which, as its name suggests, is exclusively designed for constructing swimming pools.

It is dryer and stickier (giving it what we call a ‘peanut butter consistency’) and is ideal for vertical walls in pools.

We do, and they come from external companies that we use on the daily.

We offer 24m, 32m, 36m, and 42m BOOM pumps, as well as STATIC pumps for hire.

We work on a FULL-PAYMENT-BEFORE-DELIVERY basis. The payment must reflect 24 hours prior to delivery.

Test cubes is a set of 6 cubes that we make on request. The cubes are tested on 7 and 28 days to guarantee that the strength reaches the specified MPA.


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