The MPA of concrete is the STRENGTH of the concrete (MegaPAscals)

The general/universal formula is LENGTH x WIDTH x DEPTH. You are more that welcome to phone the office for assistance.

You have 45minutes per truck to offload. After the 45minutes there is a extra charge of R500.00 excl vat per 30minutes.

Poolmix is a exclusively designed mix for swimming pools that is drier and sticky that makes it perfect for sticking onto the vertical walls of the pool. (we call it a peanut butter-consistency)

Yes, We have dedicated external companies that we use on a daily basis. We have 24m, 32m, 36m and 42m BOOM pumps available, as well as STATIC pumps for hire.

We work on a FULL-PAYMENT-BEFORE-DELIVERY basis. The payment must reflect 24 hours prior to delivery.

Test cubes is a set of 6 cubes that we make on request. The cubes are tested on 7 and 28 days to guarantee that the strength reaches the specified MPA.

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