Pumpable concrete mixes

EASTERN READYMIX TSHWANE offers READY-TO-USE Pumpable Concrete Mixes that is designed for all hard to reach applications. Our Pumpable Concrete Mixes range from 20MPA to 35MPA, the slump is a standard slump of 120 and our stone sizes range from 13mm to 19mm. The Standard Concrete Mixes is guaranteed to reach strength at 28 days.


Pumpable concrete mixes simplify concrete application by having it applied through a lubricated pumping system, and exits (with minimal friction) through a focussed plug, top generate pressure.

The ideal mix of concrete for pumping needs to be mixed to facilitate reliable pumping without undermining the integrity of the concrete itself. For this reason, it generally contains air entraining agents, a higher concentration of sand than other mixes, and a blend of aggregates.

This in turn ensures that pumpable concrete mixes provide their own sets of advantages to construction tasks:


  • Significantly lowers the time taken to complete construction
  • Reduced labour costs for concrete application
  • Allows concrete to be safely applied to difficult to reach areas.


Eastern Ready Mix Tshwane